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1 of 1 Bellezza Ultraterrena Trench Tote

1 of 1 Bellezza Ultraterrena Trench Tote

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Constructed from a luxurious vintage Italian velvet fabric, this jacket exudes opulence and refinement. Inspired by traditional Italian wedding motifs, the floral design embodies sentiments of love, unity, and warmth. The cream base, adorned with delicate hues of blues, pinks, and purple, creates a harmonious blend of colors, making it a truly enchanting piece.


** Our unique art pieces are meticulously crafted from carefully sourced vintage knit fabrics collected globally, each with its own unique history. It is important to note that due to the nature of vintage materials, discolorations within the prints rarely occur but should be considered. Embodying a boxy oversized aesthetic, our designs reflect a unisex appeal, a central tenet of our brand. Prior to completing your purchase, we strongly recommend reviewing the information provided in our Customer Service Tab**

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